Our Staff is Here to Serve

Pastor Davis Studied Theology at Liberty University. He met his wife Mariah while there.
They married in 1998 and have 3 Children.  Josh Jr.,, Brandon, and Lilly Mae.

Pastor Davis loves the Lord and believes that Jesus changes the lives of all who ask Him into theirs.

Joshua Davis

Senior Pastor

Pastor Mitchell graduated from Valley Forge Christian College.  He was the valadictorian of his class in 2012.  He loves his work with young people. 

Both He and his wife Maya enjoy getting students involved in ministering to others.  In a generation of people who are all about their selfies, he teaches that looking outside and ministering to others help young people achieve true happiness.  A life apart from Christ is an empty self absorbed life.

Tyler Mitchell

Associate & Youth Pastor

Pastor Mariah is a very down to earth first lady.  She studied at Liberty University along with Pastor Josh.   Her major is music and worship. She is the lead Children’s Pastor and also head of the Ladies Ministries.

She is the heart of The Lord’s House Church and she and the other Ladies of the church minister to the homeless and food pantry here in our area.

Mariah Davis

Associate Pastor

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