Mission Trips


Grace International welcomes service-project work teams from all over to world to participate in the building of a new Haiti. We host multiple groups monthly who come on these service trips as a way to make a long-term impact on the world while exploring a new culture. They usually come for 1-2 weeks, and come as part of churches, youth groups, schools, companies, families, or just groups of friends.

We are thankful and proud to say that we have been leaders in our focus as an avenue for the long-term and sustainable empowerment of the communities we serve. One example of this is the strong emphasis we continually put on education and economic empowerment. Another example is the fully sustainable community model in which we are resettling earthquake victims. We believe in going beyond providing aid and equipping people with the tools for success.

Work teams get the opportunity to work in multiple areas alongside us, such as with the girls’, boys’, and widows’ homes, construction projects, agricultural efforts, mobile and stationary clinics, economic empowerment programs, and sustainable resettlement of earthquake victims. Other projects include the Grace Pediatric Hospital, and the annual Christmas party for 30,000 children.

We have an excellent track record of safety with our work teams and visitors in-general. All our guests are well secured and hosted by members of our staff, including interpreters. Many groups and individuals who have taken service project trips with us have made many more repeated trips. Our work in Haiti for almost 4 decades has been very fruitful, and it has all been with the help of groups and individuals like you who got involved.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Haiti with us and participating in a life-changing movement of empowerment! Indeed, there is a lot of work to be done, but we are excited and energized by the level of promise that is brimming over for the people of Haiti.

Please contact us for more information on group/work team trips!