Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The Ministry Center is a church that believes God has a work and ministry for every born again believer. We endeavor to provide a place of worship where each ministry will be nurtured and grown under God’s anointing power. We want to provide a place of safety where the Holy Spirit can minister healing and restoration to people and ministries that may have been wounded and discouraged. It is our purpose to provide continued support and prayer for each person and ministry that comes to our Church whether it is God’s plan for you to be a permanent part of the Ministry Center, or a seasonal part. Some think of us as a hub where ministries are welcome to come and rest and then be sent out again.

It is our heart to be a church of love, while preaching and teaching an uncompromised Gospel of truth. We invite the Holy Spirit to direct each service and guide us on the path He desires us to go. We give Jesus Christ all the glory and honor for the accomplishments and success The Ministry Center has achieved and will achieve for the Kingdom of God.